Who is this programme for?

Anyone who is a Exec, leader or VP that has recently or about to start a new role.

The Bluzinc Leadership Integration Programme has been designed to support freshly appointed executives find their footing and effectively integrate into their designated roles in the organisation. Given the substantial influence that executives hold over an organisation's strategy, culture, and overall trajectory, the depth of a leader's induction process goes far beyond the administrative aspects often associated with standard employee onboarding.

And that’s why we created this programme, to help newly appointed execs, or those who have been recently internally promoted to a leadership role, get through the early challenges, ensuring they find their balance, adapt, and lead with conviction.

Why do this integration programme with Bluzinc, my new company already has one in place.

In our experience, leaders wear multiple hats and the responsibility of onboarding new employees falls between HR and line managers, but quite often it falls down the cracks. Balancing robust leadership integration with regular duties can be challenging, leading to inconsistent experiences.

There could also be a lack of expertise. Internal teams may not have the depth of experience in developing engaging, impactful programs, particularly for senior leaders that join. 

There is often a standardised approach. One-size-fits-all programs may not cater to individual needs and learning styles, and often not for a leadership level. 

That's where our external, leader-focused integration program comes in.

What makes the Bluzinc Leadership Integration Programme different?

Firstly, it’s designed by HR experts who have over 20 years of experience working with senior leaders and board members. As qualified coaches, we have hand-held and supported over 50 leaders through their first 90 days (and beyond!). 

The main differentiator is that we put workplace culture and relationships at the core of everything we do. This isn't a 100 day checklist, or 90 day action plan. This programme is designed to help leaders navigate the organisational culture, to help them understand what the role of the leader is in their new company, to ensure they have a defined their leadership brand and to help them form relationships with their team and peers to build trust. Of course there are a few ‘housekeeping onboarding basics’ - but essentially this is about you and the impact you want to have as a leader. 

On top of that you also get: 

  • Engaging content: from interactive modules to team-building activities, we keep you motivated and invested.
  • Data-driven insights: we can track progress and measure the impact of the program with our comprehensive reporting tools
  • Community: you get to meet other leaders who are on a similar journey who you can connect and network with. We also run a mentor introduction service so you can connect with other leaders who may have been through the onboarding process, so they can share their wisdom and also what to avoid! 

Is the programme personalised to me? 

Essentially, no. This is our tried and tested leadership training and development content that we know is proven to equip you with the skills and resources to hit the ground running and contribute meaningfully from day one.

The modules are designed to be self taught, at your own pace, so that you can choose the ones most relevant to you at the time. There are ‘on the job’ exercises that will help you embed the learning, as part of your onboarding journey. 

However, there is an option to purchase one to one coaching from one of our team of expert coaches, that can support you through the first 3, 6 or 12 months.

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